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Lilac Time

This is a very special time of the year – not only is October my birthday month but its Lilac time. My friend Betty always brings me a bunch of Lilac and has some special place where she manages to source a few branches !!

They not only have a delicate perfume but display themselves in a huge variety of colours from deep purple, pale lavender, blue to white. After a visit to one of New Zealand’s foremost Lilac specialists ..I was unaware how diverse they are and indeed the enormous varieties available in places like Russia and Canada.

Along with my blooms from Betty, my huge bowl did I’m afraid come from a few bushes hanging over fences in Central Otago where Lilacs grow in abundance and beautifully. They have the affect of old fashioned planting, but my first introduction was way back in 1995 at Hidcote garden in the Uk where they had the most stunning Lilac walk has never left me.



The Lilac Thief

By Young Dawson

She is aghast
as I explain that once each year,
just about now,
I drive slowly through the neighborhoods casing likely targets,
and when I find one,
I park just across the street and walk over
with a great inner calm.
I use the very sharpest snips possible,
and cut one, two, but never more than three
clumps of perfectly bloomed purple lilacs,
then move on until the lead-heavy scent
inside the car makes me almost dopey.
I bring them home and arrange them in vases,
place them where they will find afternoon light.
But, she cries, that is just wrong!
Lilacs belong to all the people.

, I say. Yes.
And I am one of the people.


Just had to include the blues from my garden!!

Enjoy your Labour weekend everyone.