Dubai in Blue

One of the vivid memories of my child hood was my Mothers beautiful Delphiniums, which had long stems of little blue flowers with big black stamens . They ranged from the palest soft sky blue to deep indigo and  purple. She had vast drifts of them during the summer outside our deck. I have never been able to produce such beauties in my garden in St Clair

On my stopovers in Dubai twice year I am always enthralled by the stunning flower arrangements in the hotels foyers – in our hotel Al Manzil it was a collection of Cerise orchids which will always look fabulous on mass, but, a peek into the lobby of the prestigious Palace hotel is always worth it not only for its opulance but for the extravagant impressive flower displays.

This time it was my favourite delphiniums and hydrangeas  arranged in a creative collection of blue patterned vases, sitting on a huge round table with simple bowls of purple succulents placed underneath. I had never seen hydrangeas with theses delicate white lace edges and will certainly be looking out for them.

I have my grandmothers blue lace hydrangea  along with many more varieties and cuttings  from  friends. . S0 maybe its time to have another go at the delphiniums!!