43 degrees in Dubai

Coming from 4 degrees to 43 degrees really does take some adjusting. The heat wave that hits you at 5.30 in the morning leaving the airport takes your breath away until you can do some slight adjusting. The safety of  Manzil hotels cool lobby surrounded by vases of tall blue delphiniums , drinking a glass of fresh lime juice and mint makes the introduction to Dubai very nice!!!

They always manage to find rooms for my groups very quickly at this hour of the day and by 9.30 after choosing breakfast from one of the best selections you are likely to get we set off on the City tour with the gorgeous Dana – my Jordanian guide who I just love using

So in a city  with extraudinary architecture, an outstanding number of amazing cars (and there was even a two door deep blue Rolls Royce out side the hotel) and malls everywhere. There is still  in the older creek area where in 43 degrees everything is carried, pulled or pushed  by hand.


imageThe spice market was as busy as ever with men sitting out on  the pavement in this extreme heat smashing up huge lumps of frankincense . It was  interesting to watch a lady bartering -wanting to buy saffron and in the end she walked away.

imageFrom one extreme to the other – Malls in Dubai provide the environment to get away from the heat and I think shopping is an extra curricular activity where you can purchase anything and everything , be entertained and eat at the huge range of restaurants and fast food outlets.

However , I couldn’t resist taking photos of the most stunning displays of dates, chocolates and marzipan fruits .

Dubai goes from one extreme to the other and after arriving just over 5 hours earlier my tour group once again has had a terrific city tour  – although I can’t say they liked the heat.