Good Bye Kas – Hello Antalya

We have loved you again Kas –  just as much as last year .  This town is a perfect size with lovely restaurants,beautiful shops selling bright coloured Turkish towels and of course the Gullet trips out into the mediterranean. Our hotel this year was right in the middle of the town and had its own resident gorgeous Sharpei puppy .Kas 1

Traveling away from Kas, I remember being amazed at the endless acres of plastic tunnel houses  – growing everything from Tomatoes ,Capsicums,  Oranges, and Bananas. This region grows and exports a huge amount to Russia, Eastern  countries and the UK. It looks like the area was covered in snow and the tunnel houses popped up on every available piece of land.


We are on your way to Antalya  – A large city on the Mediterranean coast with most of its coastline covered in enormous resort style hotels –  We are not in one of these this year – but instead are in the old walled city and  Roman port of Kaeici.
Before arriving though we had a visit to the town of Myra -This is the  Pilgrimage site for 16th century orthodox church of  St Nicholas.   St Nicholas was was born here  – and is the saint of children, thieves, prisoners and the down trodden. He was a  known as Noel Baba – was a real person and a favoured  archbishop of the area He lived to the ripe old age of 73. In 1866 the church was sold by Ottomans and purchased  by the Russians  – consequently there are lots of Russian tourists.
Walking over the smooth marble slabs in the church of St Nicholas I wonder how many millions of people have walked on these incredible floors , some still with beautiful mosaics in delicious muted colours.
Looking up the ceilings the  soft colours  of the frescos  are still intact  and recognisable.
St Nicholas
Among the forested hillsides many restaurants are advertised the we returned to my favourite trout farm…
Its hilarious – walkways and eating areas have been built  ontop of the flowing river .I took a visit to the kitchen to meet the staff producing the mouth watering grilled trout, and lamb dishes . I was meserised watching a chef make a giant Kofte and it was served on flat bread garnished with frilled chillies , tomatoes and fresh herbs .
 We still haven’t seen a gas barbecue  – the food has so much flavour  and vegetables a deep smoky taste .
trout farm
I was ultra excited – My daughter Hannah arrived a day ahead of us to join the tour for the last 5 days – I haven’t seen her since I said good bye to her on the train station in Seville Spain last September.
Our bags traveled by taxi and we walked through the old cobbled streets to our hotel -which turned out to be a oasis in the narrow maze like streets . Hannah was there to greet us and had made an over night friend with the owner of the hotel – Rengen – a gregarious ex financier from Istanbul – now running her private hotel – just big enough for our group.
With our own private courtyard and swimming pool it didn’t take long before we were in the pool and sitting with a glass of wine in our hands.
Dinner was around a large table outside  – another delicious meal planned especially for us by Rengan.
Antalya Hotel
Hasan has lots and  lots of contacts and one of them is the manager of a hight end leather manufacturer called Punto.
Well – 3 hours of mayhem .. starting with a fashion parade we had a minder each that helped us find our way around the store ( which was enormous)  ‘Everyone ‘ bought a coat or jacket – some two !!!and also bags, belts and wallets.
No one bought anything from the VIP floor which sold  mink , chinchilla and lots of fox  .. Jude really like d a short Chinchilla jacket for $15,000 US … we didn’t stay long up there.
It was so…. much fun trying on outrageous coats in every colour of the rainbow.