Do your remember the movie ‘ Chocolat’

Today we travel north of Beaune to the area known as the Cote de Nuits and a visit to Clos de Vougeot. Established by the Cistercian Monks in the 1100’s.
They developed the science of viticulture and recognized how different parcels of land produced different wines.
The massive wooden wine presses and barrels displayed here were impressive. A nice visit.

We have lunch date at a village close to Flavigny sur Ozerain – famous for the filming of the movie ‘ Chocolat’
Passing Vosne Romanee- home of the most expensive wine in the wolrd- we moved into green pastures with lots of the famous white Charlolais
Cattle – so gorgeous – white on green and forests everywhere which I am sure must be full of fungi and truffles.
We arrived in this tiny village to a restaurant that was all set up for us and in no no time was full of diners -obviously the best place to be!!!
Lunch did not disappoint – gorgeous seafood salad, bresse chicken, fungi and potatoes topped off with a huge creme brûlée – we didn’t have any room for the biggest cheese trolley I have ever seen.

Flavigny sur Ozerain was gorgeous – lovely lovely narrow streets with untouched houses decorated with colourful flower boxes.
We found the movie’ chocolat ‘ shop- now looking empty and old – although a perfect spot for photos.
The village is also renowned for aniseed Lollies and we all stocked up on little decorative tins to take home for presents .