Day 18 / Last Day – I love the Beaune Market

How many market photos have I taken and do I need to take any more ?..
We have especially made sure the itinerary worked in with the Beaune market – and it’s incredible. You can buy anything from a bed !!! , hand made knives and colourful baskets to all the delicious French food you can imagine. It was elbow to elbow with locals buying from the fabulous selection of cheeses, meats, fruits and vegetables . Most seem to have a dog on a leash – (oh my goodness we are intolerant in Dunedin )


It’s one of those days when you desperately want to buy, especially from the lovely family selling truffles.
Today we travelled South directly through the vineyards to my favourite restaurant L’Escale set beside the canal . Sitting outside with the courtyard to ourselves we enjoyed a traditional 3 course French lunch with an unexpected tuna and salmon starter ..

Our trip back to Beaune stopped at the very large Chateau Meursault . Our excellent guide Laurant he helped us journey through the art collection to the huge cellars with over 800 huge oak barrels of aging wine and extensive racks of bottled wine. It was a nice visit and reinforced the wine culture of Burgundy that we have gone to appreciate over the past 3 days.
We did have time for some serious shopping before our last night dinner at the hotel.
I have just travelled with a gorgeous group of fabulous women and two men – Ed and Graham. They accepted Hannah into the fold and she now has many more grandmothers and Grandfathers. She loved them all and gave back as much nonsense as they gave her. They even started to look out for cats for her ..

It is always sad saying goodbye- Graham made the best speech and had everyone summed up to a tee.
I can’t do these tours without expert guides and Charles is the best – he is warm and friendly with the most incredible knowledge. He and Lissa show empathy and kindness to my tour groups and I think we make a great team.

Beaune has cast it’s spell on my group again. Its a perfect place to end a
wonderful tour. Wine and food from Burgundy – enhanced by Richards knowledge of the region and with the company of fabulous New Zealanders …..
Look out 2015 ……..