Barcelona and Gaudi

Spain has the legacy of the most intriguing architectural buildings I have ever seen. Designed by the famous Antoni Gaudi he spent his lifetime of 73 years creating extraordinary commissions for wealthy families.
In the middle of Barcelona you pass two apartments in the main shopping area. It’s possible to visit if you want to join the rather long queue to get in.
We had tickets to Park Guell -situated on a hill behind the central city. We walked through the neighbourhood where Gemma was raised as a child and even past her old school- (no green grass here)
We met the Crombie family and Tim Hunt to walk through the bizarre curved shapes covered in colourful mosaics, the colonnade with a mosaic domes a ceiling,ending up at the famous courtyard , used for open air concerts -surrounded by curved seats, again they covered in colourful mosaics. The view over looking the city is the perfect spot for lots of photos.


Gaudi’s engineering skills and his un bounding creativity must have been amazing for this man to design the huge Sagradi familia – the famous church still uncompleted 88 years after his death .
Like giant trees of a forest complete with branches the pillars soar off above you. Colourful stain glass on the side walls and ceiling create light throughout the day.
The inside is eye popping and now finished but the outside must be an architectural nightmare- Gaudi died with only one facade completed- the goal is to have the two uncompleted facades finished by 2026 for the hundredth anniversary of Gaudi’s death. I wish them well.. Its a fabulous visit and well worth taking a guide.