Dubai x 2 4 2014

Two a days in Dubai – A city I have become very fond of and I suppose why I stop here to provide a new experience for my tour groups and a chance to rest after the long flight from NZ.
40 degrees was hardly relaxing and there were times on the city tour that were definitely trying – lots of water and fresh coconut juice helped. My lovely guide Shaneez once again extolled the virtues of Dubai and showered us with her knowledge of the city.

Relaxing in the swimming pool, enjoying a beer in the cool and spending time catching up is what the Dubai stopover is meant to be about. However,offering the Desert safari was a must for some and not to be missed. Four wheel driving in the desert,careering over sand dunes, riding a camel and experiencing a Bedouin camp for dinner brings the desert alive and at least my group can appreciate how hard it must be to build this monumental city on sand .

The best find for me has been the Baker and Spice restaurants – based on fresh seasonal vegetables and a relationship with the Ottolinghi look – we enjoyed a lunch and dinner and will definitely return