Last night / Last morning….

It’s our last night.. Party time !!!
Alison and Hasan have secured a facility out in the country – surrounded by horses.
Hasan once again excelled himself with the food. Making a huge … Taking it to an oven in the village to bake during the day.
We had a hilarious night full of laughing , singing and dancing. Ali and a group of musicians played and sung traditional Turkish music.

4 am .. Feet on the floor and out in 20 minutes for our first Ballon ride.. I am terrified…
Arriving back to the same place where we had our party the night before. It was surrounded by huge belly like figures as the 98 balloons going up this morning were being filled with hot air. They emerged standing upright in a glow of colour in the early morning light.
Up to 24 people in a basket and – after a lesson on the landing procedure we floated into the sky and silently glided over the Cappadocia countryside. The colourful balloons looking like dots all over the sky.
A chance to see the sheer enormity of the scars in the landscape caused by the volcanos that created Cappadocia
The sun rose, the colours became more intense and as my sister said
‘ I told you you would love it’
It was one of life’s memorable moments and if you get to visit Turkey – which you must – go to Cappadocia – take a balloon ride….