17 Days of Temptation

We have renamed this Turkish tour – ‘ 17 days of Temptation.’

From Istanbul to Gallipoli, down the coast past Kusadasi and Kas, turning inland through Antalya to Urgup in Cappadoccia .

We have learnt so much from Ali about culture , history and the Turkish lifestyle . He has sung,told stories and been compassionate and kind everywhere we went.

My wonderful group embraced every day with energy and enthusiasm . They shopped exceedingly well, were eager to learn more about the incredible history,
loved the Turkish baths and massages! socialized with everyone throughout the tour and loved the wide variety of Turkish food eaten from large hotels to local restaurants with local people .

After many years of meeting with Alison and talking about a tour to Turkey it has come off…
Hasan’s knowledge of the country and expertise in touring meant all our bases were covered . They were always there to help , translate and being able to use their ‘ contacts ‘ meant we had a very unique tour.

This last Post is a little late.
To everyone who has been following my blogs . Thankyou for your comments.
This blogging business is new to me but I have enjoyed collating my photos and thoughts each day.. But I keep running out of space for the piles of photos.

Winter in Dunedin for the next 2 months then back to Italy and France in August..

I am looking forward to staying in touch.

Best Regards Judith